Fritz’s Repair Services History

Fritz began his repair service several years ago when he observed there to
be a shortage of handymen that would come to your home for simple repairs
and projects. He did not want to compete with the trades people people such
as plumbers, electricians or carpenters who are very essential for the jobs
they do. As they say, “you can’t beat a person at his/her trade”. What Fritz
had in mind was to fly beneath their radar by doing the simple tasks of repairing
an outlet, fixing a leaky pipe or building a custom cabinet. These jobs tend to
be neglected by them, as they tend to focus on the larger, more economically
feasible jobs. Fritz simply wants to assist those that lack the time or know how
as to how to fix or build stuff.

Fritz is also very willing to assist elderly people in need of repairts. Having
an elderly parent himself, he realizes that older people need to know and trust a
repairperson to do the simple things. It has been his experience that the elderly
tend to put up with so much broken stuff and simply “make do” with life as it is.
Fritz wants to assist those that are in that dilemma and enable them to live out the
rest of their lives just a little bit more comfortably.

Fritz is 55 years old and has had his share of bad experiences with people that say
they are going to show up or do something and then do not. It is very frustrating
waiting for people, or even having to take time off from work, and then no one shows
up. Fritz’s goal is to be on time and very professional.

One more thing…Fritz guarantees his work. If you don’t like it then you don’t have
to pay. Customer satisfaction is paramount. Fritz doesn’t want too many customers,
just a few that are friends and use him for repeat business.