Welcome to Fritzís Repair Service. The purpose of this web site is to provide
you with a small glimpse into what Fritz can do for you. Todayís homeowners
are focusing more and more of their time on providing themselves with a more
comfortable environment. On the other hand, homeowners have less and lesss time
to create the environment they want within the home. Thatís where Fritz comes
in. From leaky faucets to building a new cabinet for your bathroom or kitchen,
Fritz can assist you with most projects. Additional tasks are listed elsewhere
on this site. Please contact us to see how we can help.

How does this work? Fritzís Repair Service will provide you a free estimate and
then you can decide whether you want to proceed. If material is purchased for
this project, the cost of the material is a straight pass through. The cost of
the material is generally not included with the estimate. The work is then scheduled.
Once completed to your satisfaction, you pay the invoice. Itís that simple. This
is old fashion service in todayís frantic world.