Here are some pictures of Fritzs recent work. Click here to see a picture of Fritz at work.

Installation of prefinished oak flooring in a kitchen - Pre-finished Oak Flooring
Repair of an old and rotting deck - Deck Repair
Installation of ceramic tile in Master Bathroom - Ceramic Tile in Master Bath
Installation of hardwood flooring in bedroom - Hardwood Flooring
Repair and Treatment of a Rotten Threshold - Rotten Threshold
Contruction of Garden fencing and Arbor - Fencing and Arbor
Installation of Hardwood floors - Floors
Repair of Ceramic Tiles - Broken Tiles
Construction of garage mudroom area - Mudroom in Garage
Installation of floor tiling - Floor Tile
Refinish Hardwood Floors - Refinish Floors
Installation of Wooden Ceiling - Wooden Ceiling
Installation of Linoleum Floor Tiling - Linoleum Floor Tile
Construction of a Water Garden - Water Garden
Repair of a Rotten Door Sill - Rotten Door Sill
Repair of Bulkhead Door - Bulkhead
Rain Barrel installation - Rain Barrels
Installation of Finish Ceiling Box and hanging island lights - Ceiling Lights
Front Stair Repair - Front Stairs
Front Foyer - Front Foyer
Construction of Corner Hutch - Corner Hutch
Construction of Kitchen Table - Kitchen Table
Construction of Bathroom Cabinets - Bathroom Cabinets
New Bathroom Tile - Bathroom Tile
Construction of Entertainment Center - Entertainment Center
Construction of Blanket Chest - Blanket Chest