Services that Fritz can provide:


·        Kitchen / Bathroom Cabinet construction and installation - Need some new cabinets or want yours to look new again?  Fritz can build custom cabinets for your new kitchen or add cabinets or pantries where you didn’t have them before.  Need an entertainment center that is custom designed for your needs?  How about a corner cabinet to fit into your dining room?


Some pictures of fine woodworking:


·         Landscaping - Would you like a water pond and water fall in your backyard?  Need some creative solution to an ugly area of your yard?  Need some privacy from

your neighbors or the street?  Fritz can assist you with most solutions.


·         Fencing – Need some fencing to keep out the neighborhood dogs or wild critters?  How about a privacy fence?  How about a pretty picket fence around your flowerbed or garden?  Fritz will custom design and install exactly what you want.


Picture of fence around garden:


·         Floor sanding, refinishing and installation – tired of looking at your scruffy hardwood floors?  How about installing hardwood floors where you had carpet?  Fritz can install the kind of hardwood floors you want.


Pictures of flooring:


·         Leaky faucets – tired of leaky faucets or spigots?  Fritz can do most minor plumbing tasks.


·         Air Conditioner Removal and Installation – tired of always putting the window air conditioners in and out of your window every summer?  Let Fritz build it into your wall.  Need some heavy lifting to get the AC unit in and out?  Not a problem.


·         Assembly Work – need your new swing set put together?  Need to put something together that you recently acquired?  Fritz can do most anything.


·         Basement Remodeling – need to expand your living space?  How about considering using your basement for living space?  Need some additional entertainment space or some space just to hang out?  Walls can be insulated, floors can be raised, drop ceilings can be installed. 


·         Basement Cleaning – need your basement to be reorganized with new shelving or cabinets?  Not a problem.


·         Carpentry -  need some carpentry work performed?  Fritz can do about anything within reason.  Building storage sheds, making/assembling swing sets, installing/finishing cabinets, door and window trim, repairing rotted door thresholds and window sills are all things that Fritz can do for you.


Some pictures of recent projects include: 


·         Deck Cleaning and Staining- Decks can be power washed and then treated for weather protection.  This can be done in any weather but winter.


·         Minor Electrical – electrical outlets loose?  Need a ceiling fan installed?  Not a problem. 


·         Garage Remodeling – need additional storage capacity in your garage?  Tired of not being able to pull your car in the garage?  Fritz can add storage shelves and cabinets that will help organize your garage.


Picture of new garage platform:


·         Gutters - Repair and Install – need gutters re-leveled or repaired?  Need gutters or drip edges installed over your door ways?  Call Fritz


·         Home Winterization – tired of drafty rooms?  Need additional insulation in your attic?  What about the basement ceiling?  Need windows and doors caulked?  Just call Fritz for an estimate.


·         Lighting Installation – need some new lighting in your kitchen or bathroom?  Fritz can install whatever you need.


·         Picture Hanging – need pictures hung in your new room?  Not a problem.  There is no job too small.


·         Minor Plumbing – tired of the leaky faucet or the slow drain in the shower?  Fritz can do most minor plumbing jobs.


·         Replace broken window glass – need window panes replaced?  Fritz can do this, too.


·         Remodel Kitchens and Baths - need your kitchen or bathroom to be brought into the 21st century?  Fritz is very creative when it comes to assisting you with kitchen and bathroom design for a more functional flow and improved storage.


Picture of bathroom cabinets:


·         Roof Repair – need to have your flashing redone or caulked?  Need to have a shingle or two reinstalled?  Fritz can do most roof repairs.


·         Sheetrock Work – tired of looking at that hole in the wall?  Need some drywall installed in the new space?  How about where that old lighting fixture was?  Fritz can do most drywall work.


·         Storm Door Installation – need to have a storm door installed?  Want to replace that old door with one that is more efficient and complements your home’s entrance?  Fritz can install or even repair whatever you need.


·         Tile Repair and Installation – need to replace some old tiles?  Need to have some new ceramic or linoleum tiles installed?  Need a countertop mad of tiles?  How about a kitchen table with a tiled top?  Fritz can do most anything with tiles and wood.


Pictures of tile work:


·         PC Repairs – need to have your PC repaired?  Need to have anew PC installed? How about loading a new Operating System or new virus protection?  How about installing the new Wi-Fi technology to enable you to connect multiple PC’s/notebooks up to one connection? 


·         Web Page – need a web page for your family?  How about a web page for your hobby?  It’s not as expensive as you think?  


·         Programming-  need some C++ programming?  How about some Word or Excel macros?  Most programming can be done remotely and securely.  Just explain what you’re trying to do and most likely it can be done.