Our Vision

Fritzís Repair Service was created to define a new standard in home maintenance, repair and improvement.
To do so we have to revolutionize an industry that could certainly use it. There is no reason you can't
have the same expectations for quality, timeliness, and professionalism when it comes to taking care of
your home that you have of your physician when it comes to taking care of your health. So we've created
a very special, value-driven and customer focused company built around our vows:

Quality, Respect, Honesty, Professionalism, and Humor.

Quality work. The job is never done until you, our customer, is completely satisfied.

Respect for you and your time. We'll return your calls promptly and call if we're delayed for an appointment.

Honesty in estimating project costs. We'll get your approval before beginning any unexpected work.

Professionalism - We will protect your property including carrying comprehensive insurance for the work we do.

Humor - We'll be in a good mood. Even if those nagging household chores have put you in a bad one.

Fritzís Repair Service is about empowerment. We want you to enjoy your home, and your time, whether we do the
work or not. We'll empower you to take better care of your most valuable physical asset, your home, either by
educating you to do it yourself or by offering you the services of Fritzís Repair Service.